Class Outline / Syllabus

8th Grade Social Studies – American History

Mr. Cavanaugh

Room 202



Our Room –

1-     Alphabetical seating chart with partners

2-     Thirty computers with access to the Internet and other applications

3-     White bins with class folders for absent work


Rules –

In seat working on bell-ringer when bell rings

Bring ALL necessary materials – notebook, book (when needed) & a pen or pencil

***Sign“The List” when rules are not followed:  You will be scheduled to meet with Mr. Cavanaugh, or have a silent-lunch detention when “The List” has been signed 3 times in 1 marking period.  Also, a note will be filedand sent home so parents are aware of the situation.  After-schooldetention will be used if the student has already met with Mr. Cavanaughtwice.


Example:  Within the first nine weeks, Bill is late twice and has nothing to writewith once.  Mr. Cavanaugh will meet with Bill (usually during lunch) topractice getting to class on time and bringing necessary materials;then Bill will take a brief note home explaining what happened.  Evenafter meeting with Mr. Cavanaugh, Bill continues to arrive late;therefore, an after-school detention is assigned.


Be respectful to all

***Lunch-detention if spoken to 3 times in a class period for inappropriate behavior.

Homework is completed to the best of your ability

***Note home or phone call if missed 3 assignments in 2 weeks. (Usually Friday)



Grades –

Grades are earned in 4 areas:

*Homework and classwork are worth 10 points. (late work -same day  by 3:20 - is worth 5 points.)
*Tests and quizzes are worth between 50 to 100 points. (Always announced atleast 3 days in advance) Test over 100 points may be retaken by a specified date.  I will average the two grades together if a 90% or higher is earned on the retake.
*Random notebook quizzes are worth 10 points.
*Projects and group work are assigned points based on the task and time required.



Class Routine –

*We always start with a question or activity on the board.  Keep track of these questions in your notebook by numbering them and recording them ina separate section; remember the notebook quizzes!

*Don’t raise your hand to answer questions unless asked, I try to talk with EVERYONE everyday!  If you don’t have an appropriate response, just say pass.

*Feel free to raise you hand with an appropriate question!

*We always end the class reviewing the main points.


Skills –

Mastering skills you will continue to use throughout your life is as important as the Civicscontent we will study and practice throughout the year.  Some of these skills include:

Self Assessing
Communicating (listening & speaking)

Presenting / Creating Demonstrations


Managing Time

Following Directions

Using Computers


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