Pre-Algebra 2

Pre-Algebra 2 Syllabus


Pre-Algebra 2 is a high level math class for seventh grade students.  Students will work with quite a bit of material that is new to them.  This syllabus contains a list of most topics that will be covered and grading procedures.






1) Review of Operations

2) Order of Operations and Simplifying Expressions

3) Variables and their uses

4) Translating Verbal Phrases to Algebraic Expressions

5) Solving 1 Variable Equations

6) Word Problems

7) Ratios, Rates, Proportions and Percents

8) Working with Data (Graphing and Describing)

9) Formulas and Uses

10) Solving Inequalities

11) Graphing Inequalities

12) Rational Numbers

13) Polynomials





Grades are based on the number of points obtained from homework/projects, notebook, quizzes, tests, and behavior/preparation/participation when compared to the total number of possible points. The following is a list of the approximate weight  of each part of the grade:


Homework Assignments                            25%                                          

Notebook                                                   7.5%

Quizzes/Tests                                           60%

Participation/Preparation                        7.5%


The nine weeks grading scale is listed below.



Grades:            A:  93 - 100

                          B:  85 - 92

                          C:  77 - 84

                          D:  70 - 76

                           F:  0 - 69


Homework will be assigned regularly and nearly all assignments will be evaluated.  All graded assignments will be worth 5 points.  Practice in mathematics is very important and is reflected in the homework value above.  Students have been given a homework rubric used to evaluate homework.  Projects will be given occasionally and will be part of the homework grade.


Students are to have their own notebook, which will be used every day.  Students will keep bell-ringers, notes, examples and homework in the notebook.  The notebook format recommended will be demonstrated in class and a rubric will be used to evaluate the notebook, based on completion, neatness, and organization.


Quizzes or Tests will be given at least every other week.  Quizzes are usually smaller than tests and only cover parts of chapters.  Tests will be given at the end of a chapter.  Each quiz or test will be valued based on the number and value of the questions it contains.


Participation and preparation will also be assessed.  Participation will be based on each student following directions and staying on task.  Students responding to questions, asking questions and completing work when asked will receive full credit for this item.

Extra credit possibilities will be given each nine weeks and can increase a student’s grade.  Extra credit will not exceed 5% of the student’s grade.
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