Please understand that the best way to check
for the actual homework is in your child's agenda.  My homework is
written on the board daily for them to copy.  If there is none, then
they should have written 'None' in the agenda.  Some days the actual
lesson goes differently than expected in class and I will change what
I was going to assign.
Notebooks!!!!!!  ~ For the beginning of the year, students are asked
to bring a SINGLE~SUBJECT notebook.  It is to be used ONLY
for the math notes - NOT to do homework.  (If pages are torn out
for HW, they will eventually need to get another one, and this is
unnecessary.  Getting a second NB for homework might be a good
idea).  I also have seen successful students in the past get a NB that
hs a pocket in the front where they keep their papers from each
chapter until the chapter test.  This way the papers are on hand to
study.  It's not a requirement, though, just a thought if you are
It is VERY important that your child use the
notebook when doing homework.  This has the vocabulary words,
explanations, steps to solve problems, as well as examples that show
how work should be written.  In class we will develop the lesson by
me orally explaining the concept, taking notes that they copy for use
on homework, and then the actual assignment being started if time
allows for that.  Working with your child to use what is given to them
in class via the notes will make a big difference on what your child
is able to do come test time.  Giving them the answers or telling them
step-by-step what to do is not going to benefit them in the end.
 Got the Flu Bug?? Got the Flu?
***  Attention students out with the flu:
        Because it is difficult for me to put the examples
         on here, I cannot put the notes on here for the
         notebook.  The notes and examples would be a
        help in knowing exactly what is expected when
        learning and working on the concepts.  So,
        please read carefully the pages in your book
       which go with the lesson, and see if a friend or
       neighbor can get you a copy of the notes while
       you are at home.
       However, first and foremost it is important that
       you get well rather than trying to concentrate on
       the work while feeling lousy.  We can catch up
       when you return!  :)
    Hopefully students and parents will notice how the skills are building from one
    lesson to another.  We are working our way towards Algebra for Grade 7!
Social Studies:    
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