Behavioral Expectations

A.  Be Prompt and Prepared
               1.  Come on time
               2.  Come with all needed materials
               3.  Come with all assignments complete
B.  Respect Authority
               1.  Listen to authority
               2.  Follow directions the first time
               3.  Accept responsibility for behavior                                                         
C.  Respect Rights of others
               1.  Use appropriate voice and language
               2.  Listen to the speaker
               3.  Respect opinions and points of others
               4.  Refrain from harassment
D.  Respect Property
               1.  Respect property of others
               2.  Respect own property
E.  Display a Concern for Learning
               1.  Remain on task
               2.  Allow others to remain on task
F.  Display Appropriate Social Skills
               1.  Cope (disagreement, teasing, failure)
               2.  Display courtesy and tact
               3.  Interact with others appropriately
G.  Display Appropriate Character
               1.  Display positive character
               2.  Display productive character
If these behavioral expectations (and others listed in the RLBMS code of conduct) are broken, myself and the administration reserve the right to assign appropriate consequences for the inappropriate behavior.  Please refer to the student agenda for a list of offenses and consequences that your child may be subjected to.
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