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The goal is to determine whether the next fraction displayed will be higher or lower than the last. You want to reach the top line with as many points as possible by "wagering" on each turn of the cards. You may choose to play with or without fraction bar clues.
This online activity allows you compare a variety of fractions to fraction 1/2. Are the fractions given greater than, less than, or equal to 1/2?
Use your knowledge of fractions to help speed your dolphin to victory. There are two levels, easy and hard. You will be presented with 4 fractions. If you choose the larger fraction, your dolphin will move further, hopefully pulling away from the pod.
The directions to this one are pretty self explanatory. Simply drag the fractions into their appropriate order (greatest to least).

Factor Math Games

Multiplication Station
Click on the squares to multiply the numbers so that they equal the value under the word “number” Although it is called multiplication Station, you are essentially looking for the factors of the number.

Roast Turkeys
Roast the correct turkey and learn about factors.

Factor Bingo
Find the factors and get a bingo

The Factor Game
Choose the factors with the most points and win. Test your skills against a human or the computer.

Factor Tree Game
Build up your factor tree and find all prime factors of a composite number.

Factors & Multiples
Find the prime factorization, factors and multiples. Score points and see who wins.

Grid Game
Find the factors, multiples, power, prime and triangular numbers.
Side by Side Factors
You are given a list of seven numbers in a row, and you must rearrange the numbers in such a way that all adjacent numbers are relatively prime.

GCF and LCM Games

Greatest Common Factor
Find the greatest common factor.

Least Common Multiple
Find the least common multiple

Highest Common Factor (Greatest Common Factor) and Least Common Multiple
Find the GCF and LCM

Factor Trees, GCF and LCM
Find the prime factorization of numbers by completing factor trees. Then use a venn diagram to sort the prime factors. Multiply numbers in the intersection to find the greatest common factor. Multiply all of the numbers in the venn diagram to find the least common multiple

Fraction Math Games

Tony's Pizza Fraction
Make pizzas and learn about fractions.

Fresh Baked Fractions
Match the equivalent fractions and get your name on the cook's list.

Melvin's Make-a-Match
Match Melvin's bottles and learn about equivalent fractions.

Clare's Ice Cream Shop
Make ice creams and learn about improper fractions and mix numbers.

Fraction Frenzy
Match the equivalent fractions within the time limit to go to the next level.
Adding and Subtracting Fractions
Dive for fraction fish!  Practice a variety of fraction skills in this arcade style game. 
You will be given a round of ten integers. Make a check next to all the answers that are evenly divisible. Each answer choice will be used at least once.
Choose a level. Type the answer in the box. Click on the check button. Can you get a score of 100 with no mistakes?
Solve the division on the upper right and left part of the game. Shoot the wall that has the correct answer before the wall reaches your ship. After creating a hole in the wall fly your ship through the hole that you created. Use the mouse to move the ship and click to shoot.
Everything you wanted to know about division, but maybe were afraid to ask. Click on the lesson topics and review the tutorial. No games here, just the facts!
Practice division with America's favorite pasttime. Be sure to select division. The 2 player version is great fun with a partner!
If you liked Math Baseball...try Power Football!
Practice your division with this bingo type game. Be ready...the timer starts immediately.
Each square on the board has a question. To place an X on a square, you must answer the given question correctly. The computer will place an O on the board after you place an X. Be sure to choose your level of division, but you can use this link to practice a variety of operations.

Place Values

Weekly Reader - TEENS

You'll be hooked on this website! It has Blogs, contests and games. There's a Sudoku challenge and other puzzles to try. Check it out!
The Weather Channel

Be sure to check out the weather map of the United States. Put in Wellsboro's zip code (16901) for the local forcast.

Puzzle Maker

This is sooo cool! Create your own puzzles! The directions are easy to follow. Enter your own vocabulary words to create your own word search, cryptograms, criss-cross puzzles...even mazes! This is from Discovery Schools.
Map Quest

Use this site to map a location, or to map out a route from one location to another. Try entering your own address, then once you have the street map, switch to the ariel image. This will show you what your house looks like from a bird's eye! Try to figure out what time of year the picture was taken. Put in the address of the middle school, 9 Nichols Street, Wellsboro. Notice that the new bank building across the street does not show in the picture...I wonder when this was taken?
Polar Husky

Adventure Learning at it's best! There's so much here! Check this site out, especially if you like dogs and adventures on the tundra.
Weekly Reader - KIDS

Lots of fun for kids! It has contests, games, and activities including a cool coloring page. On this page, you select a favorite character and either print the page so you can color it with your own crayons, or color it online. (I selected Wiskers brushing his teeth and colored online! It was fun!)
Dictionary -
This site is an online dictionary that is easy to use. I use it when I am unsure of how to spell a word instead of using spell checker in MSWord. Once you get used to going there, it is very quick because you don't have to read directions and the box where you put the word in is right at the top and is large so it is quick and easy to find.
Lesson 18 - Main Idea and Detail

Complete this for the technology center!
Lesson 18 Main Idea and Detail

Complete this when you're in the technology center!
Lesson 14 - Grammar Center Game - Pronouns

In this game, identifying pronouns will help you collect treasure and get the highest score!
Lesson 9 Sequence Game

This is the technology center for Lesson 9
Pronoun Treasure Hunt

Find, replace, or fill in pronouns and then get a chance to search for hidden treasure! Good luck!
Pronoun Jeopardy

Play Jeopardy except fill in the correct pronouns to earn cash!
Pronoun Clubhouse

Build a clubhouse by filling in all of the correct pronouns!
Pronouns Quiz

Test your knowledge of pronouns! This is not counted as a language arts grade but is a great helper at home or school!
Irregular Verbs Jeopardy

Play a Jeopardy game and practice irregular verbs!
Verb Tenses Quiz

Take a quiz on verbs to see how ready you are for the real deal!
Present Tense Verbs Matching

Match the sentences with the present tense verb it matches with.
Past Tense Verbs

Make all of the verbs in the past tense!
Verb Tense (past, present, and future)

Hunt for treasure while looking for past, present, and future verb tenses. Try and beat my high score! It's 660!
Adjectives Advertisement Game

Help people submit great ads by including some descriptive adjectives!
Context Clues Jeopardy

Practice your context clues skills with this jeopardy game!
Synonym Word Scramble

Unscramble synonyms game. This one is  very hard
Rags to Riches

This is a millionaire game for antonym practice! Have fun!
Same Difference

Synonym and Antonym game for practice! This game is pretty easy!
Author's Purpose Game

Need help with author's purpose? Play this game!
Making Inferences Battleship

Need help with making inferences? Play battleship against the computer by making inferences to answer questions. See if you can win on HARD!
Possessives Perfected!

Think you know how to do possessive nouns? Find out here!
Possessive Nouns Battleship

This is a game to help work on possessive nouns!
Reading Comprehension Practice

Not doing well on the reading tests? Try these practice stories at home or at school!
Bonus Idiom Activity

Complete the activity on this website correctly and print it for a chance for bonus! You can pick any three that you'd like to do and receive one bonus point for each one you get correct! Good luck! (Chance for 3 bonus points)
Paint by Idioms

Figure out what idioms mean to paint a picture of your favorite animal! This is an activity for those of you who want a real challenge!
Figurative Language Poems and Quizzes

Get a reminder of what each type of figuartive language is and take a quick quiz (it doesn't count for real) to see if you really know your stuff!
Drag and Drop Metaphors

A short activity where you have to make metaphors by dragging and dropping the ends of sentences.
Figure of Speech Hangman

Guess the figure of speech by playing hangman! Don't miss too many letters!
Figurative Language Teacher Fling

If you can answer 15 figurative language questions in a row, you can fling your teacher! Rules: Do not make a teacher that looks like Mr. Griffiths! :)
Action Verb or Linking Verb

A quick quiz on linking and action verbs. Action verbs are something you can actually psychically do! Be careful! This does not count as a grade on your report card!
Subject/Predicate Who Wants to be a Millionaire Game

Identify the simple subject or simple predicate and work your way up to $1,000,000!
Complete Subject/Predicate Practice

This website will help you recognize the complete subject and predicate in sentences. Practice makes perfect!
Possessive Nouns Practice

This is a short quiz that will help you remember how to make nouns possessive!
Possessive Nouns

This webpage shows you a good rule for how to make a singular (one) or plural (many) noun possessive!
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