Mathematics Review Work

For each chapter
  • Reread each lesson
  • Study the examples and know the steps
  • Know the vocabulary terms
  • Try practice problems for each lesson
  • Take a practice test

Chapter 1

Place value of whole numbers to the hundred billions place

Benchmark numbers

Compare and order whole numbers

Chapter 2

Place value of decimals to the ten thousandths place

Equivalent decimals

Compare and order decimals

Chapter 3

Add and subtract whole numbers and decimals

Round whole numbers and decimals

Estimate sums and differences

Choose a problem solving strategy

Chapter 4

Expressions and variables

Write equations


Chapter 5

Analyze data and graphs

Collect and organize data

Find the mean, median, mode, and range of data

Chapter 6

Make graphs

Reasonable scale

Graph ordered pairs


Chapter 7

Multiply whole numbers

Multiply by 1- and 2-digit numbers

Choose a method

Chapter 8

Multiply decimals and whole numbers
Add zeros in the product

Chapter 9

Divide by 1-digit divisors
Estimate quotients
Divide 3-digit dividends
Zeros in Division
Interpet the remainder

Chapter 10

Estimate quotients
Divide by 2-digit divisors
Predict and test

Chapter 11

Divide decimals by whole numbers
Divide to change a fraction to a decimal

Chapter 12

Expressions and equations
Order of Operations = Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
Number Patterns
Multiplication properties = Commutative, Associative, Identity, Zero, Distributive 

Chapter 13

Rules of divisibility
Greatest common factors
Least common multiples

Chapter 14

Exponents and expanded form
Prime and composite numbers

Chapter 15

Equivalent fractions
Simplest form
Mixed numbers
Compare and order fractions and mixed numbers
Relate fractions and decimals

Chapter 16

Add and subtract like fractions
Estimate sums and differences
Common denominators
Least common denominators
Work backwards

Chapter 17

Add and subtract mixed numbers
Simplest form of mixed numbers and improper fractions

Chapter 18

Multiply a fraction by a fraction
Multiply fractions and whole numbers
Multiply fractions and mixed numbers
Multiply mixed numbers

Chapter 19

Divide fractions with reciprocals
Divide whole numbers by fractions
Divide fractions
Solve a simpler problem

Chapter 20

Lines and angles
Measure and draw angles
Angles and polygons
Congruent and simliar figures
Symmetric figures

Chapter 21

Transformations and tessellations
Solid figures

Chapter 22

Understanding integers
Compare and order integers
Add and subtract integers

Chapter 23

Graph integers on a coordinate plane
Transformations on a coordinate plane 

Chapter 24

Customary length
Metric length
Change linear units
Customary capacity and weight
Metric capacity and mass
Time and temperature

Chapter 25

Estimate perimeter

Chapter 26

Estimate area
Area of squares and rectangles
Relate perimeter and area
Area of triangles
Area of parallelograms
Solve a simpler problem

Chapter 27

Surface area
Estimate and find volume
Measure perimeter, area, and volume
Use a formula

Chapter 28

Understand ratios
Ratios and Proportions
Scale Drawings
Too much/too little information

Chapter 29

Relate decimals and percents
Fractions, decimals, and percents
Compare fractions, decimals, and percents
Find percent of a number

Chapter 30

Probability expressed as a fraction
Probability and predictions
Tree diagrams
Arrangements and combinations
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