World Geography Syllabus

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Seventh Grade World Geography and Cultures
This course is an introductory studyof the world and its cultures in the modern era.  The focus of thecourse will be on basic geography skills and the study of the world andits cultures.
Below you will find a list of the ten units we will study.

1.  Introduction to Geography/United States Geography – Earth, map skills, the basics of the United States, five themes of geography, types of Geography.


2.  Middle East – Arab-Israeli Conflict, Persian Gulf War/War on Terror, the modern Middle East.


3.  India and South Asia-Life in India and neighbors, Mt. Everest.


4. Europe- Western Europe and Eastern Europe


5.  Russia – Russian Revolution, Communism and the Cold War, modern Russia.


6. East Asia: Japan, China, and Korea-Life on the western edge of the Pacific.


7. Southeast Asia: with a focus on Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and Thailand.


8.  Australia and New Zealand:  The great southern continent, with supplementary material on the Pacific Islands.


9.  Africa: with a focus on Egypt, Ghana, and South Africa.


10. Geography of Pennsylvania and Tioga County 


                                         Grading Scale


A= 93-100%

B= 85-92%

C= 77-84%

D= 70-76%

F= 0-69
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