Homework Policy

Homework is vital to your student's education.  It allows your child the needed practice and necessary repetition of the material he/she is learning in the classroom to achieve success.  It is also a way for your child to enhance his/her study skills.

There is time provided during the day to begin and sometimes finish their work.  If the time is used efficiently during class and/or study hall, the homework amount should be minimal.  Study hall is also a time when students may see other teachers in the grade level to get any help or guidance needed.

First late assignment

  • One freebie is given and the assignment is due in study hall or in class the next day.

  • If homework is not in class a late slip is sent home.  The completed work and signed slip are due the next day.

  • If the work and signed slip are not handed in the next day a second notice is given and expected back the following day signed and the work completed.

  • If the work is not handed in the third day silent lunch detention is assigned.  The detention time will be used for your child to eat in silence and complete late work, if needed.

Second and Third late assignment

  • The same procedure is followed as above

Fourth late assignment

  • The same procedure is followed as above

  • Warning of a silent lunch detention would be given for being uncooperative and unprepared.

Fifth late assignment

  • A late slip and silent lunch detention are issued for being uncooperative and unprepared.

  • Homework is to be completed and returned the next day along with the slip.

  • The office will mail home a copy of the silent lunch form. 

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