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Accelerated Reader Requirements ~ Grade 6 ~ Mr. Hamm


**Students must reach their point goal by the end of the marking period.  I will check in with them to be sure they are staying on track, but it is the student’s responsibility to reach his or her goal by the end of the marking period.


AR books can be checked out from the school library. However, I strongly encourage you to bring in books from home or from the public library as well! E-readers, Kindles, Nooks, etc. are permitted as well. You can check on the AR level and point value for any book at Please check with me regarding any book’s AR level if you are unsure of it.


AR Requirements & Guidelines

  • Book Level ~ Students should be reading near the middle of their STAR range.Students should not be reading at the lower end of their STAR range for an entire marking period.Students should try to challenge themselves by reading towards the upper half of their STAR range.At the end of the marking period, I will be looking at their average reading level for that marking period and it should be somewhere in the middle to upper half of their range.If students are unsure that the book level they have chosen may be too low, they should check with me first, PLEASE don’t wait until after the book has been read if there is any question!


  • Point Value ~ Only One book per marking period can be 2 points or less.The rest of the books should be 3 points or higher.


  • AR Tests ~ Tests are done at school on the student’s personal laptop.Students should ask for permission before taking an AR quiz.


  • Students may submit up to 4 AR tests for grades.It is not a requirement that four AR tests are submitted, many students may reach their goal with fewer books.The main requirement is meeting the AR goal, therefore, submitting fewer than four AR tests will NOT affect the AR grade in a negative way.A percentage grade for reaching an AR goal will also be given.For example, if a student’s goal is 15 points for the marking period and he or she earned 15 or more points, then he/she would receive a 100% for the AR participation grade, along with the grades for the AR tests.If a student earned 12 points of his or her 15 point goal, then he/she would have earned a percentage grade of 80% for the AR participation grade.


  • Points earned beyond the point goal WILL NOT carry over to the next marking period.However, students that read extra books can have them considered as extra credit; higher scores would replace lower scores for comparable books.Students can also read extra books during the marking period to earn more AR points.


  • Students are required to take at least one AR Vocabulary Test per marking period.It can be the student’s choice as to which book they would like to attempt for the vocabulary test score.Also – if they receive a low vocabulary score, they can try again with another vocabulary test on a different book.The student’s highest score achieved on the vocabulary test will be the one counted for the marking period.


  • I encourage students to earn as many points as possible during the school year!Students are encouraged to reach goals of 100 points or higher by the end of the school year for special recognition!


Students will receive special rewards at the end of each marking period if they have made their


               – Also, there is an end of the year 6th Grade AR Reward!  Students must make their goal

                  3 out of 4 marking periods in order to attend the end of the year AR Reward!


***Please use Renaissance Home Connect to monitor your child’s progress with his or her AR goal.

To log in to the Renaissance Home Connect Website, please go to:


The username would be your child’s Firstname.Lastname and the password would be your child’s student number.  It is the same username and password your child uses to log in to his or her AR account at school.  (If you need your child’s username and password for AR, please just let me know!)


**Please remember that these are guidelines for 6th grade AR, but student ability and other special circumstances may alter these guidelines for some students.  Some exceptions may have to be made to better meet the needs of students.

              If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Thank you!

Reading Textbook Care

Students are required to keep the Reading textbook covered all year.  Brown paper bag covers are recommended.  Students will cover their books during the lunch period if they come to class without the book covered.  Damaged books must be paid for by the student/parent.











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