Physical Education general information

(1) P.E. clothes, with the exception of sneakers and socks, are to be worn for Physical Education classes only. Students must have a change of clothing for their other classes. If the student wishes to wear the same sneakers and socks during school, she must remember that we may be outside for class and they could become wet and/or muddy. It is highly suggested that socks are also changed.

(2) Shorts, windpants, or sweatpants in combination with a pull-over top, socks, and sneakers are appropriate clothing for class.

(3) Tank tops, halter style tops, sport bras, low neck tops, button down shirts, nylons, or tights are not permitted to be worn.

(4) Sweatshirts and jackets will be permitted to be worn when the weather is colder.

(5) No jewelry is permitted on the body with the exception of stud earrings. If a student has an earring on the top of the ear or navel, it should be covered with a band-aid or tape during class.

(6) Long hair should be out of the student's face while participating.

(7) Showers are optional but girls are encouraged to have good hygiene habits.

(8) Glass bottles should not be brought into the locker room.

(9) Candy,gum,cough drops,etc are not permitted in the mouth during class.

(10) Lockers in the locker room are to be used during class only.

(11) No money or any type of valuables should be brought into the locker room. Students should keep those locked up in their hall lockers.

(12) Students who become ill or injured during class should report this to Mrs. Zimmerman or the person in charge.

(13) A student who is not capable of participating in PE class must bring a note from a parent. This note is only good for that week of class. A note from a doctor administering care to the student must be presented for longer restricted times. This note should explain the physical limitations of the student and the length of time to be excused from class. A student who is not allowed any activity for an extended period of time will go to the library during class and do research on a topic relating to physical education. This written information will be used in forming the grade of the student. When discussing the student's limitations, please explain to the physician that the school does have a stationary bike and treadmill which a student can use.

(14) Safety should always be present with everything done during class.

(15) Everyone has different levels of physical skills. Making fun of others will not be tolerated. Students are encouraged to help others who are having problems.

(16) Students must participate in physical education classes if they are actively participating in an extracurruicular sport.
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