Things We Have Done
Day I
- Introductions
- What is Digital Photography
- What will we do in Digital Photography
- Taking and Editng Photos
Day 2
- How many Camera Components do you Know?
- Identification of Camera Comonents
Day 3
- Review of Camera Components
- Photographs vs. Snapshots
- What makes a good picture?
- What makes a bad picture?
Day 4
- Review of Camera Care
- Review of what it takes to make a good picture
- How does motion effect photographs
- take pictures to see effect of motion--Panning / Camera Shake
Day 5
- Review of Camera
- Review of Picture Taking tips
- Taking Portrait
- Review of Motion and it's effect on photographs
- Taking of Pictures
Day 6
- Creation of Computer Folders
- Downloading Images
- Introduction To Paint
Day 7
- Finished Downlaoding Pictures
- Instruction on Paint
- Rules for editing Pictures
- Changing File names when opening
- Editing Portrait in Paint
Day 9
- Review of camera Parts
- Review of motion and how it effects pictures
- Description of Rule of Thirds Technique
- Taking pictures demonstrating Rule of Thirds
Day 10
- Review of Rule of Thirds
- Finding pictures on Google that make use of Ruler of Thirds
 Day 11
- Review of Rule of thirds and Portarits
- Take pictures demonstrating rule of thirds / proper portrait technique
Day 12
- Shortened period
- Downloaded pictures from yesterday
- Intro to Photoshop
Day 13
- Downloaded Pictures
- Worked with Adobe Photoshop
- Learning Photoshop Tool Bar
Day 14
- Learned basic tools on Photoshop toolbar
Day 15
- Learned the basic tools on the Photoshop toolbar
Day 16
- Learned about magnetic lasso tool
- learned how to open two pictures at once
- Learned how to move stuff from one picture to another
- Learned about clone stamp tool
Day 17
- Picture taking-Concentrating on Fall themed pictures
Day 18
- Picture Taking-Concentrating on fall themed pictures
Day 19
- Downloaded Pictures
- Worked on changing background of pictures
Day 20
- Finish downloading pictures
- Using the magbetic lasso tool to select parts of an image
- Changing Background
Day 21
- Students use dPhotoshop to improve a digital picture they have taken.
Day 22
- Students finished up working on improving pictures
- Students had time to be creative using photoshop to edit pictures
day 23
- Introduction to Photostory
- Students work on Compiling pictures into a slide show 
Day 24
- Students work on creating slides in photoshop, transferring them to Photostory.
 Day 25
- Students work in Photoshop
- Student combine two pictures to make a realistic looking picture.
Day 26
- Students work in Photoshop
- Students create a magical photograph using a photo they have taken and adding something to it.
Day 29
- Students will take photos
- Students are concentrating on close-ups and perspectives
10/11--No school- Columbus day
 Day 28
- Students will work on downloading pictures
- Working on changing color of one subject in picture
day 29
- Students learn to turn photos to black and white
- Changing color and adding emphasis to on part of picture
Day 30
Day 31
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